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Beverly Guth, Pianist
Excellence & artistry from the first piano lesson.
(720) 883-2161

  BEVERLY HOLT GUTH is a prize-winning pianist and piano teacher. Giving piano lessons in Parker, Colorado with over 30 years' experience, she enjoys teaching students of all levels and ages.

  Anyone who wants to communicate with Beverly about piano lessons is invited to call her at 720.883.2161, email her through the website or at BeverlyGuth@comcast.net. Generally mornings or evenings after 8:00 are good for reaching her by phone.

  "My love of music and joy in performing have fueled my teaching over the years.  During piano lessons I genuinely love to help a student improve, and will accept students at all levels for that reason. When a prospective student plays for me, my concern is to learn about his strengths and weaknesses so that I can plan the very best program possible for that child. Any student who is willing to practice well may study with me.

  "As a teacher, my goal is to provide a well-balanced program for every piano student, including theory, performance skills, music history, technique, and playing with others (concerto work, accompanying and duets).  The average student will not become a professional musician, but can certainly become a lifetime music lover, an educated listener, and be able to play for his family, his church, and his own pleasure.

  "I believe that children can learn professionalism in their work from an early age.  They can and should learn vocabulary, piano technic, music theory, listening skills and musical form (the architecture of a piece of music) from the beginning. Piano lessons are much more than signing up for a little 6-week class!

"Ongoing piano study changes the brain and develops qualities like ambition, goal-setting, work ethic,prioritizing, pride in one's work, love of music, emotional maturity, appreciation for excellence, the ability to be humble so that someone can teach you something, self-confidence, poise in presenting, problem-solving, empathy for the feelings of others and imagination - deep personality and character development. In other words, this is a life-changing and life-improving experience.

   "Piano students who are talented and dedicated can expect me to work with them to the highest levels.  If a student wants to consider majoring in music and developing a music career, I will spend the extra time to help him prepare for auditions and to educate the parents about the requirements and steps involved in this process. I have had many students who have majored in music and become teachers, professors, church musicians  and concert pianists."
   "However, most students will obviously not make a career in music.  We want them to learn to play, enjoy the journey and appreciate music. Piano lessons should be fun, interesting and confidence-building."


  Beverly's first artist-teacher was Eugenia Nicks O'Reilly of Dallas, with whom she studied intensively for four years. Mrs. O'Reilly was well-known as a teacher of the highest levels of musicianship and many of her students became professional pianists and teachers. She and Yvonne Reynolds, another master teacher, were Beverly's mentors during the first 25 years of her teaching career.

  She studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in London, England at age 17, then continued study at Indiana University with famed Hungarian pianist and teacher, Gyorgy Sebok.  After graduating from Texas Bible College with a Bachelor of Religious Education, she continued her music studies for an additional seven years with French pianist Jean-Paul Billaud at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

  In addition to her primary piano teachers, she has taken individual lessons with Dr. Paul van Katjwyck (second conductor of the Dallas Symphony), Dr. John Paul, Jean Manus, Barry Snyder, and played in masterclasses fpr Ozan Marsh, Maurice Hinson and Gyorgy Sebok.  

  Her primary theory teachers were Mrs. O'Reilly, Bruce Barton and Dr. George Belden, composer and theory professor at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.
  Lifetime study and growth is central to her philosophy. In 2013 she has been awarded a Teacher Enrichment Grant from MTNA to study Latin 2-piano music with Dr. Alejandro Cremaschi at the University of Colorado.  

Professional Experience
  Beverly's professional responsibilities outside the immediate studio currently include organizing half of the recitals for Douglas Elbert Music Teachers Association; she alternates this chairmanship with Clover Longway.  In June, 2012 she spoke at the Colorado State Music Teachers Association Conference on the importance of reading to further one's own music education and pedagogy.  She developed the PREP (Professional Reading Enrichment Program) list for teachers around the state in 2011-2012.

  Beverly has judged many piano competitions and festivals and has been a National Guild judge for years.  After 11 years of co-chairing the Guild auditions in Anchorage, she started a Guild chapter in Baton Rouge and was its chairman for 10 years.  She also helped to develop and chaired the Marguerite Downey Piano Competition in Anchorage, Alaska.

  As Beverly McAllister, she performed as soloist with the Dallas Symphony, the Baylor University Symphony and the Houston Baptist College Orchestra (now Houston Baptist University).  She was winner of the Dallas Symphonic Festival, co-winner of the Alaska Biennial Competition and won numerous other awards and scholarships including the prestigious Schubert Award from the Texas Federation of Music Clubs. She also won 1st Place in the International Piano Recording Competition for her performance of Mozart Sonata, K. 457.

  Beverly has given solo recitals in various cities and on university campuses.  She accompanies for concerto and solo competitions and recitals.  She is a member of the Music Teachers National Association, National Guild of Piano Teachers and National Federation of Music Teachers.

  Attending and giving teacher workshops and masterclasses is a frequent event on her calendar.  She speaks to teacher groups on various aspects of piano technique, repertoire and pedagogy.

Student Successes

  "My students played in the National Guild Auditions since my first year of teaching, and the majority have earned the Critic's Circle rating. Students have won first prizes in the Marguerite Downey Competition in Anchorage; the DeBose National Competition, Allen-Fleming Competition, Baton Rouge Piano Rally,  Lousiana State Piano Rally, the Colorado SPA Artist Competition and assorted other events.

  "Several students have played with the Baton Rouge Youth Symphony and Anchorage Youth Orchestra as soloist-winners, and many have played in masterclasses and given solo recitals.  During my last two years in Baton Rouge, my students won over thirty 1st and 2nd place awards at the Baton Rouge Piano Rally and the Louisiana State Piano Rally.

  "I encourage students to play in competitive as well as non-competitive events, but they only compete if they want to.  I believe that each student thrives best with individual goals and loving personal attention; learning to share oneself through music is one of the most beautiful things we can do for others.

  "Currently I have five former students who are majoring in piano. Others are now teaching and playing in churches.  I wish all my students to develop a love for music and grow personally through their studies.
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